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Why BH Bike Trainer is a better choice ?
Why BH Bike Trainer is a better choice ?
  • BH Bike Trainer is different from stationary bike trainers or rollers. Lots cyclists use stationary bike trainers or rollers to develop and maintain their skills. But training is just one effect of BH Bike Trainer .


BH Bike Trainer Stationary bike trainers or rollers
Effects for Cyclists Training for Cycling Training for Cycling
Building Endurance Building Endurance
Burns Calories, Losing Weight – more efficiency Burns Calories, Losing Weight – less efficiency
Staying Healthy – more efficiency Staying Healthy – less efficiency
Cardiovascular Workout X
Shaping Legs, Arms, and Waist X
Heart Rate Training X
  • Not everyone is a professional or competitive cyclist. Some people just do not enjoy jogging, going to the gym and riding a bike on the road. Having a simple machine indoors allows them to exercise to stay healthy and stay motivated.


BH Bike Trainer Stationary bike trainers or rollers
Users Professional Cyclists Professional Cyclists
Competitive Cyclists Competitive Cyclists
Ordinary Riders Ordinary Riders – only a few
People who workout X
People who want to stay healthy X
People who want to lose weight X
  • Stationary bike trainers come in a variety of types that are categorized based on resistance. Each type of trainer offers its own benefits in terms of resistance, noise level and overall functionality, but each type has its limitations.
    Only BH Bike Trainer could overcome such limitations.
  BH Bike Trainer Wind Trainers Magnetic Trainers Fluid Trainers Rollers
Noise Quiet Noisy Medium Quiet Medium
Resistance Control Easy Need to get off bike Depend on model Depend on model X
Durability Good No good Depend on quality Medium No good
Stability Very stable Not very well Depend on model Good Depend on rider
Price Depend on model Cheap Medium Expensive Depend on model
Real riding felling Good Poor Depend on model Good Excellent
Training effect Excellent Low Medium Good Medium
  • Every cyclist has an outdoor bike, but it fit only single cyclist. The Fast-Fit Technology allows all users, whatever the body sizes and structures are, to find the Best riding position. Users could place one BH Bike Trainer in the living room for all the family members to use or enjoy cycling in his/her own bedroom. With BH Bike Trainer, you don't have to position your bike anymore. Just step on it, and start your training at any time.

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