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BH Tech
Combination of Bike and Fitness technologies
Combination of Bike and Fitness technologies
BH Bike Technologies

BH group use finer composite materials that are precision engineered and molded with a higher level of compaction to deliver a level of sprinting, climbing, and cornering stiffness that exceeds that of our Pro-Tour competition.
Our precision molding process enables us to:

  • manufacture the first monocoque carbon frame weighting less than 800g
  • be the first one to use an extended seat tube.
  • develop the first 1.5" tapered carbon fiber fork in conjunction with Enve Composites.
  • have a patented cable guide system within a channel beneath the downtube.
  • We produce the stiffest and strongest derailleur hanger in the world.


Climb aboard a BH, and you'll immediately feel how the vision and dedication of Beistegui Hermanos has informed today's BH Bikes to lead you to the top.

BH Fitness Technologies

BH group leverage the deep history of bike innovation with modern obsession of research, engineering, design and development to create BH fitness equipments. And nowadays, BH groups is the largest one and only one which could offer full range of home use and commercial use fitness equipments in Europe. All the BH equipments are designed in Spain, and BH integrate the professional technology, precision, construction and materials in our fitness equipments to offer users the finest workout experience.

Fitting Technologies for All Cyclists
Every cyclist has a different body structure and measurements vary from one person to another. This is why cyclists need to find their own "perfect" riding position by using a series of fit parameters and applying different calculations.

The geometry and sizing of BH Bike Trainer are based on fit data from decades of design experience in Europe, input from cutting-edge road shops and top fitters across Spain as well as direct feedback from our customers and race teams.

We know that there are some differences between riding on road and riding at home. For the sake of exploring the effect of movement and forces on road riding, cyclists need more training effects on bike trainer.

In order to further improve the efficiency of the cycling movement, optimizing the position on the bike is an absolute prerequisite.
BH group utilize our bike fitting techniques to create Fast-Fit technology on our Bike Trainer.

Any cyclists who has his/her own data of bike fitting can easily set up his/her own perfect riding position on BH Bike Trainer.

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