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World Record for Most Miles - Run on BH HiPower SK6900 Treadmill
World Record for Most Miles Run on a Treadmill Achieved with BH HiPower SK6900 Treadmill
Six-time Ironman and Ultrarunner Lamar Sepulveda, founder of the "Pay It Forward" Challenge, shattered the world record for most miles run on a treadmill in 12 hours by running 64.35 miles on the BH HiPower SK Series treadmill. The previous Guinness World Record for a solo 12-hour treadmill run was 58.05 miles. Upon completion of this feat, on his 55th birthday, Lamar hoisted his two grandchildren into the air during his cool down. Breaking this unique world record allowed Lamar to raise money and awareness for the Challenge Athletes Foundation (CAF).
 “"Although the run was long, overall it was comfortable and smooth, thanks to the BH HiPower treadmill. We could not have undertaken this challenge without the contributions of terrific sponsors like BH HiPower and the support of our neighbors, family and friends who pulled together to make this event a success. I am so proud to have broken a World Record and raised money for an organization as inspirational as the Challenged Athletes Foundation," said Lamar Sepulveda.
Several hundred people attended Lamar's world record feat, with coverage by nearly all of the major network news stations such as, ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox News. A live feed on gathered viewers and well wishes of support from all over the United States, as well as, China, Pakistan, New Zealand and Europe. A replay of the run is online at  
A duplicate BH HiPower SK6900 treadmill allowed fans and supporters to run along side their hero, Lamar and raise money for CAF. Paratriathlon World's Gold Medallist Danielle McLaughlin, a major supporter, CAF athlete and cancer survivor participated in the festivities, alongside Lamar as did many guests from age seven to seventy, many whom were using a treadmill for the first time.
"On behalf of BH HiPower, we would like to thank Lamar for his outstanding effort and congratulate him on his accomplishment of breaking such a substantial world record.
We applaud you for your desire to make a difference and raise money for CAF, an organization we're proud to partner with." Steve Wilkins, Chief Executive Officer of BH North America.

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